Brand Industries Group

Brand Ind. Group provides steel-based solutions, in a number of key industries, including energy, chemical, infrastructures, industrial, construction and automotive in Israel and abroad. Among the Brand Ind. Group’s main customers are industrial companies, energy, government agencies and major defense companies in Israel. Annual Brand Ind. Group sales are over NIS300M, positioning Brand as the largest player in the Israeli steel structure market. Brand Ind. Group’s solutions range from design, manufacturing, on-site construction, maintenance and other services. Brand employs 450 workers in the Group companies. The company is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


Brand Ind. Group subsidiaries include:
Pelegas Ltd. - a local Israeli leader in Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank and Pressurized Equipment Fabrications.

Carmor - an Israeli company that manufactures tankers, aircraft refuelers, firefighting trucks,

armored vehicles and special purpose trailers.

Grand Ofek Projects Ltd. (GOP) – a leading international steel contractor which provides country

wide assembly and erection services.


Kedma Capital acquired 70% of Brand in 2008.

  • Multiple verticals

    Vertical diversification which reduces volatility.

  • Strong engineering

    Brand Ind. Group excels in giving solutions to complex projects.

  • Production prowess

    Country wide production and service capacity, Brand is uniquely positioned to efficiently service customers across Israel.

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